Welcome to my website home page. As you see, reading is important in my household and granddaughter, Emma, is getting the bug early - although she usually prefers me to 'sing' about pictures from railway magazines! She is nearly eight now and has been joined by five year old Sophia.

I've been retired from my railway career for over eighteen years now, but I'm still busy as a writer, an activist in the voluntary sector, and as a speaker to schools, church groups


groups and general interest clubs on a variety of subjects including my railway career, my charity involvement (street children and children's rights) and my writing.

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Buy my historical novels, 'The Child Madonna', ‘The Missing Madonna’ and a railway novel ‘Lives on the Line’, also non-fiction books ‘The Other Railway Children’, a history of the Railway Children charity, and ‘Nobody ever listened to me’ essays, case histories and quotations by street children, - all royalties and profits for Railway Children. And my latest – railway career autobiography –‘The Toss of a Coin’. See the Writing page for more details.

I'm leading the UK Children's Human Rights Network of Amnesty International in lobbying the Amnesty International Secretariat to campaign more vigorously against the abuses of children’s rights - see the Voluntary Activities page for further details.

I’m currently Co-ordinator of the Nantwich Street Pastors Scheme which went live on December 4th 2012.