The Child Madonna
(Historical novel, published by Melrose Books, 2009), hardback, £13.99, £10 + £2.50 packing & postage direct from me; on Amazon paperback, £9.99 and e-book (Kindle) 97p - all royalties donated to the Railway Children charity) NOW AVAILABLE

Set in Galilee and Judea near the end of the first century BC, The Child Madonna is an imaginative take on the story of the Virgin Mary. In my role at Amnesty International, I was faced with many cases concerning the human rights violations of children. Today many girls still suffer from restricted opportunities; especially in the Middle and Near East where honour killing, rape, enforced marriage are still rife and too often they are treated by the male members of their society as criminals rather than victims.  It struck me that the young Mary would have been likely to have suffered similar abuse and ostracism from her society and I researched Judean customs of the period. More Details

The Missing Madonna                                       (Second of the Madonna Trilogy, published by PublishNation, on Amazon: e-book Kindle 97p, paperback £9.99 or direct from me at £7.99 + £2.50 p&p, all royalties to Railway Children) NOW AVAILABLE

You think you know the story of Herod’s ‘Massacre of the Innocents’ and the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt? But what was it really like to be running for your lives in a police state, trying to cross borders as penniless refugees, being vulnerable to thieves and scoundrels and trying to settle in a city with increasing racial tension?  And would your former neighbours who felt betrayed by you welcome you back with open arms? I researched the politics and culture of the period and found a story relevant to today’s world.

The Madonna and her Sons                             The third and final book of the Madonna trilogy, looking at the youth and three year ministry of Christ through the eyes of his mother and disbelieving brothers is complete and will be published as an e-book and paperback in 2014.

Lives on the Line (novel)
A study of two locomotive drivers in the early 1960s facing changes in their work and family situations as steam gives way to diesel traction and the men react in very different ways to this change and their relationships with colleagues.   Based on authentic and detailed railway background of a large London steam locomotive depot.  This novel has been published by Max Books in paperback format. Price £10 incl UK p&p direct from me.  NOW AVAILABLE

‘The Toss of a Coin’ (autobiography)               My railway career autobiography from a childhood interest in trains, through trainspotting to joining the railway, Stationmaster, Area Manager, Train Planner, Chief Operating Manager, LMR, BRB Reliability Manager, Head of Safety Policy and international safety consultant, to the founding of the Railway Children charity. Over 100 B&W photos. On Amazon and Kindle, also available direct from author for £10 incl p&p, of which £3 is donated to the Railway Children charity.  NOW AVAILABLE

‘Steam World’ Magazine articles
‘Everyday Life at Old Oak Common’:  serialized monthly from October 2001 to January 2002.

The Lord Nelsons - A Memorable Experience?’  April 2006

‘What we were allowed to do in 1950’: April-May 2009

‘Living on the Southern 1949-1967’: June-July 2009

‘Season Ticket’ - six articles August 2009 - January 2010, describing regular journeys behind WR steam 1960-63.

Back numbers obtainable from Tower House Publishing Services, Tower House, Sovereign Park, Market Harborough LE16 9EF @ £4 each or text can be e-mailed (without photos) by me in return for a donation to the Railway Children charity (

‘Steam Days’ Magazine article
‘Arthurian Travel in the late 1950s’:  July 2004 ( or e-mailed text only by me in return for a donation to Railway Children

‘European Railways’ Magazine articles
Articles on steam train travel on the SNCF, DB and DR in the period 1955 - 1979, in European Railways editions nos. 160 (SNCF/DB 1955/6), 163 (DB Munich 1959), 166 (DB 1961), 169 (DB 1962), 172 (SNCF 1968), 175 (DB 1972-5), 176 (DR 1979), 177 (DR 1979) and 178 (DR 1979).


Text without photos can be e-mailed to you by me in return for donations to Railway Children.  Back numbers of the magazine, except for issues 160 and 163, can be obtained from the Atlantic Publishers Website, European Railways, Index of Back Issues (

Chapters in ‘New Technologies and Work’
books produced from papers sponsored by the Werner-Reimers-Foundation, Bad Homburg, Germany
‘After the Event - From Accident to Organisational Learning’: Chapter B.1 ‘The Effect of the Accident Inquiry Process Within the Railway Industry’’ and Chapter C.4 ‘Responding to Public Criticism of Safety Management Systems - is the Response Always Effective and Appropriate?’ - Pergamon Press 1997

‘System Safety - Challenges and Pitfalls of Intervention’: Chapter 13 ‘From ‘Knee Jerk’ Reaction to 10 Year Strategic Safety Plan’ - Pergamon Press 2002.

‘The World of Child Labor : an historical and Regional Survey’ edited by Hugh D. Hindman,
Part 1: The World, Section 3 Less Developed Regions of the World:
‘Worst Forms of Child Labor: Street Children and Street Trades (essay)
Academic Reference Book published by M.E.Sharpe Inc, USA 

‘Nobody Ever Listened to Me’         Essays, case studies and quotations from street children collated and edited from material made available by member organisations of the Consortium for Street Children ( price £6.99 + £1.50 p&p from me; e-book £6.10 and paperback £7.99 on Amazon.  All royalties for the Consortium for Street Children and contributing CSC members. NOW AVAILABLE

‘The Other Railway Children’ : Non-fiction book documenting the history of the founding and development of the Railway Children charity, 1995-2010.  £7.99 + £2.50 p&p from me; on Amazon e-book £7.72, or paperback £7.99. Royalties to the ‘Railway Children’.  NOW AVAILABLE

In addition to the self-published ‘The Toss of a Coin’, completed texts of two volume autobiographies for railway enthusiasts are being prepared for publication by ‘Pen & Sword’:

~ ‘A Privileged Journey 1940-1962’ based on my articles for Steam World, and to be published by ‘Pen & Sword’ in 2014.

~ ‘An Indian Summer of Steam, 1962 – 2013  planned for publication in 2015.

I have also been contracted to research books on the GW Eight Coupled Freight Locomotives to be published by Pen & Sword in 2014/5, and GW Moguls & Prairies in 2015/6.

Book Orders & Speaking Engagements
I am prepared to give talks to book clubs, churches and other clubs and societies and do bookshop author book signings in return for either donations to Railway Children  or purchase of copies of the books whose royalties are for the charity.  To request a book, a talk or presence at an event, e-mail